What is the best way to communicate with the teachers or office and how do I contact them?

The best way to communicate is by e-mail or through the SPPA app. You will receive an answer within 24 business hours of the message. If you need communication quicker you may call and leave a message in the office. All SPPA faculty and staff members can be contacted through e-mail by using the first initial and last name @sppacademy.org. (example: gdonnelly@sppacademy.org )

How do I receive communications and information from school?

You will receive communications through the OptionC program, the APP and weekly communications through the Thursday Envelope from the office and the Friday Folder from the classroom teachers. There will also be information posted on the school website.   When there are special events, school closings, or emergencies, you will receive information through the Community Safe All Call communication system. Be sure the office has your current phone number(s).

How do I know what is on the school calendar?

The SPPA website contains the school calendar as well as all other events. You can also request a paper copy of the calendar by calling the office. 

What happens if I need to make a change to the regular end of the day routine for my child?

If you need to make a change you can send a note with your child regarding the change. If you need to make a change after your child is at school, call the school office to report the change. It is very important that you speak to a person. Do not leave a voice message or send an e-mail with this information. If at all possible, call before 2:30.   If you do not speak to a person, it is very possible the message will not be received prior to dismissal.

What happens if my child is late for school, has to leave early, or has some type of change in the routine?

If your child is late to school or needs to leave early, or leave and return during the day, you must sign them in and out in the office. If your child is going to go home with another student you must send a note with your child indicating your wishes.

What happens if I am going to be late to pick up my child from school and it is not scheduled (stuck in traffic, late from an appointment, etc)?

You can call the school and request that the child be put in After School Care (ASC) until you arrive. If it is a brief time (10-15 minutes) we can keep them in the front office until you arrive. Children are sent to ASC at 3:30.

How often do we get report cards and what is the grading system?

Report cards are sent out each trimester for grades K-8. With our student management system called OptionC, you will be able to keep up with your child’s grades on a daily basis with the click of your mouse or from your Smart Phone.

What is the uniform policy?

The uniform policy is located in the Student Handbook.

What is the discipline policy?

The discipline policy is also located in the Student Handbook.

What happens if I forget to send my child a lunch or snack or I forget to purchase a lunch?

We try to keep peanut butter crackers and your child can purchase milk. You are always welcome to eat lunch with your child also. Advanced notice is requested. Upon arrival, you need to sign in at the front office and meet your child in the cafeteria.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my tuition statement?

If you have a question about your statement or you have a problem you can contact Mary Ann Amyx at (513) 207-7608 or call Mrs. Donnelly in the office at (513) 761-7772.

What do I do when I want to visit school, volunteer at school, go on a field trip, etc?

Any time you come to school you must first sign in at the office. If you are dropping something off for your child please take it to the office and school personnel will deliver the item(s) to your child. If you want to visit a classroom please contact the teacher and arrange a time.       Field trips are scheduled by the classroom teacher and you must be Virtus trained, (see below).

How do I become a volunteer and what is required?

Our school is founded on volunteerism and depends on many helping hands. In order to be a “volunteer” (see “Virtus- Protecting God’s Children” enclosure) in the school building during school hours or go on an overnight field trip with the students you are required to complete a background check ($25 fee) and complete the Virtus training. The cost of the background check is not covered by SPPA.

What if my child needs to take medication during the school day?

If your child needs to receive any medication during the school day, including over the counter medication like Tylenol, Neosporin, calamine lotion, cough drops or syrup, etc., you must:

  • Send in a note signed by the child’s doctor with the directions for the medication.
  • Send in the medication in its original container.

All medications must be turned in to the office to be dispensed by Mrs. Kelsey, the school nurse, Mrs. Hubble, or Mrs. Donnelly, unless other arrangements are made by school personnel.