Our Mission & Beliefs


Sts. Peter and Paul Academy is dedicated to providing an exemplary, Catholic elementary education for all of our children.  The student’s educational experiences are based on the Gospel values, calling the children to utilize their God-given talents and gifts, which in turn will lead to a life of serving others within our society.

We currently have 127 students enrolled.


We believe:

That each of our students comes to know the person and message of Jesus Christ and the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.  This message begins at home, and is reinforced as an ongoing process which is taught, modeled, and celebrated in our school.

That each student is encouraged and supported to reach their fullest potential, empowering them to become independent, lifelong learners basing their decisions on Christian values.

That all people possess unique gifts and are worthy of being treated with respect and dignity and are valued as a creation of God.

That each child has theirown unique learning style which needs to be identified, explored and developed within the academic environment.

That instruction and academic testing will meet the individual learning styles of each child in order that they achieve their own level of success within the classroom.