Sts. Peter and Paul Academy was established in 2007 with many traditions carried over from the former Sts. Peter and Paul School.  Our location is different, our name is similar, our families have changed a bit  but we have much to carry on.  We celebrate our faith with bimonthly Masses in the Tom Martin Gymnasium at the Academy and work closely with Sts. Peter and Paul Church preparing our 2nd grades for their first communion and our junior high students for Confirmation.

A very popular event that has been brought to the Academy by the Parent’s Club is the Mardi Gras celebration on Fat Tuesday each year.   Other popular activities that continue to serve the students at Sts. Peter and Paul Academy include the Jingle Bell Shop held in December and May Crowning is held in May to give honor to Mary as the mother of Jesus.

A week in January or February is dedicated to Catholic Schools.  Students participate in volleyball games against the faculty, crazy day, parent appreciation day, Grandparents/special person’s day.

We are also creating new traditions with the yearly Talent Show,  a Family Picnic to kick off each new school year and our very popular Running Scared 5K and Trivia Night.