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Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Assistance

The Catholic Education Foundation is offering $2 million of tuition assistance to families of elementary school students for the 2019-2020 school year. Families can apply for up to $1,000 per student in needs-based tuition assistance. 

The application period deadline is January 31, 2019

If you have questions, please call Pam Jaspers at 513-421-3131, ext. 2713 or email

Catholic Education – The Best Choice!

Learn more and apply at: 

Donate to SPPA


There are many ways donations can be made to Sts. Peter and Paul Academy.   Below are the ongoing fundraisers that support our school.  Share this list with your friends and family.

  • BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION – Save those box tops from a variety of consumer goods and food products. Visit BTFE for a complete list of items.
  • Greater Cincinnati Performing Arts Society – If you attend a show, the GCPAS will donate $5 to our school for every ticket you purchase. You must designate SPPA as your Catholic school of choice when purchasing the ticket.  Visit for shows and information.
  • Kroger Community Rewards Program – register your Kroger Plus Card with SPPA’s program #81177. Visit for details.
  • Monetary donations are also always an option. Your support is always greatly appreciated.  To donate click on the pay-pal link.


Principal Glenda Donnelly
Faculty & Staff
Kindergarten Mrs. Landry
First Grade Mrs. Pagano
Second Grade Ms. Bronner
Third Grade Ms. Schweppe
Fourth Grade Mrs. Cedillo
Fifth Grade Mr. Birdsong
Sixth Grade Mrs. Malott
Seventh Grade Mrs. Greene
Eighth Grade Mrs. Morgan
Technology Mrs. Burke
Spanish Mrs. Sweeney
Art Mrs. Harsch
Music Ms. Godbey
School Nurse Mrs. Kelsey
Front Office Mrs. Hubble
Auxiliary & Title 1 Staff
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Fairbanks
Speech & Language Therapist Mrs. Williams
Educational Tutor Mrs. Cobb