Saints Peter and Paul Academy

An Independent Catholic Elementary School


Saints Peter and Paul Academy was founded in 2007, but our history runs much deeper than that. 

The former Saints Peter and Paul School served the Reading community for over a century, but in 2006 the school was scheduled to be closed by the Archdiocese.  A group of dedicated families and members of the school community immediately started working to save the school.  For example, Gerry and Bonnie Rack, whose grandchildren attended the school, donated Gerry’s vintage 1966 Corvette to be raffled off to raise money to help save the school.  Thanks to the dedication, generosity, and hard work of the Racks and many other families, enough money was raised to re-open the school in 2007 as Saints Peter and Paul Academy, a new and independent Catholic school. 

Since 2007, enrollment at Saints Peter and Paul Academy has grown, improvements have been made to the school building, and the sense of community and dedication has remained as strong as ever.

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